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RIM BlackBerry Storm

$600.00 Released November, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Has the ability to cut & paste. First touchscreen Blackberry. Built in GPS.

The Cons:Interface can be slow. No WiFi connectability. Tactile touchscreen can take some getting used to.

Released on November 21st, 2008, the BlackBerry Storm is RIM's first touch screen BlackBerry device. The Storm (previously thought to be called the BlackBerry Thunder) competes squarely with the Apple iPhone and the T-Mobile G1 (the first Google Android phone).

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Product Shot 2 It features a similarly sized 3.25" HVGA 480 x 360 single-touch display, with pop-up software keyboard that can be used in either full-width QWERTY landscape orientation or Suretype portrait orientation. It will be available through Vodafone in the UK and Australia, Verizon in the United States, and Telus or Bell in Canada. Verizon currently sells the Storm for $199 after $50 MIR, with a 2-year contract, to compete with the iPhone; unlocked Storms are available online for around $500.


  • 3.25-inch WITH 480 x 360 display (putting it slightly above the Bold)
  • EV-DO Rev. A
  • Quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • 2100MHz UMTS/HSPA
  • Tethered modem capability
  • 1GB onboard memory
  • Full QWERTY (landscape) and Suretype Input (portrait)
  • High Capacity microSD slot
  • 3.2 MP camera with auto-focus, flash, 2X zoom and video capability
  • Blackberry Device Software 4.7
  • OTA Software Loading
  • HTML Browser with support for attachment downloads and video streaming (via RTSP)
  • Editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents
  • Standalone and aGPS
  • Blackberry Media Sync (non-DRM iTunes media sync)
  • Visual Voicemail (available post-launch)
  • Built-In Facebook/Flickr Support
  • Built-In IM support for Yahoo, Google, AOL, and Windows Messenger
  • Access to services such as BroadbandAccess, VZ navigator, VCast Music and Video, and VCast MobileTV
  • Release date: November 21th, 2008
  • price: $199 with Verizon contract (after $50 MIR)


  • BlackBerry Storm 9500 - quadband GSM and 2100MHz HSPA
  • BlackBerry Storm 9530 - dual band CDMA, quadband GSM, and 2100MHz HSPA

User Reviews (23)

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  • 12

    has the ability to cut & paste

  • 11

    First touchscreen Blackberry

  • 9

    built in GPS

  • 8

    user replaceable battery

  • 7

    Typing in both portrait and landscape modes

  • 6

    Downloadable 3rd party apps

  • 5

    Can be used as a tethered modem

  • 3

    better call reception than the iPhone

  • 3

    Blackberry alert light

  • 2

    More recent OS 5.0 or better makes this phone feel completely different and MUCH faster/more responsive

  • 1

    Google Maps with satellite imagery and street view is AMAZING on this phone

  • 0

    recent software update ( improves the phone drastically

  • 0

    very good web browser

  • 0

    lots of apps

  • 10

    interface can be slow

  • 10

    no WiFi connectability

  • 8

    tactile touchscreen can take some getting used to

  • 8

    Frequent Crashes on .75

  • 5

    Blackberry Application Center is carrier-specific, with apps not necessarily working across all Blackberries

  • 3

    Proprietary RIM operating system

  • 2

    Low phone memory

  • 1

    keyboard is cramped

  • 1

    requires a mail in rebate to match the iPhone's $199 price tag - very annoying

  • 0

    No tactile keyboard

  • 0

    most web pages only load as mobile versions with limited functionality

  • -1

    zooming is horrible

  • -2

    clickable screen isn't a good feature

  • -3

    no music/app purchasing

  • -4

    no apps

  • -6

    no youtube

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Yosef: #rim_blackberry_storm

This phone is very well constructed and extremely durable. I have owned one for about a year now, and have some notes to share.

1- Don't even bother using this phone if you don't upgrade to OS 5.0 or better. The interface is painfully slow in previous versions but is many times better with the update. Not only is the phone extremely faster, but much more stable and reliable.

2- This device would be better with Wifi.

3- Extremely solid build, amazing camera, screen, video recording, connectivity, build and decent battery life (all of which improve with os 5)

4- Difficult to type long emails or messages without some practice, HOWEVER- if you set it to SureType in portrait mode and full keyboard in landscape mode, your experience will improve. SureType allows for one-handed operation in portrait. If you plan on writing all your emails on this device, just get the Torch 9800

5- Lack of 3G makes it a little slower in terms of surfing experience and difficult to compare to the iPhone

6- You learn to love the soft touch/hard touch option. Selecting items is very easy with a light touch and pushing a little harder engages the click, which I find useful in ensuring I don't make any typing errors. And the spelling suggestions are there in the unlikely event that I mess up anyway.

7- The touch screen centers selection around the middle of your fingertip as opposed to many touch devices which require a more focused pressure point, which leads many people to use fingernails. I find the Storm's interface way more easy-to-use in this regard vs. others.


8- GPS in conjunction with the (free!) Google Maps software gives an unparalleled mobile maps experience. This includes Satellite imagery and street view in full screen and excellent resolution on your Storm. A MUST HAVE.

With all of these notes, I have vowed to keep my Storm 9500 forever as a backup phone to my venerable Bold 9000. I find myself switching to the Storm from time to time and enjoying the overall user experience as well as the 3rd party apps while still being able to conduct business and send/receive emails from it.

Aug 13, 10
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John Phillips
John Phillips: #rim_blackberry_storm The Phone is a Joke, my Motorola Q from 3 years ago on a non 3G network had better web browsing, always shutting off, and Verizon Customer Service Sucks Oct 1, 09
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Levi Bowen
Levi Bowen: #rim_blackberry_storm I absolutely hate this phone. My wife has an iphone and it is a million times better. Jun 4, 09
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hipotecas: #rim_blackberry_storm Why would anybody buy this when you can just get an iPhone? Mar 16, 09
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